The true essence of all Michael J. Mullen's work has been to inspire and to uplift. His purpose has been to encourage all people to seek beauty in the world around them and to find fulfillment in one's own inner beauty. His sculptures, with their dramatic flowing movement, seem to defy gravity as they reach to the heavens. Although they have the classic grace and beauty of the past their innovative dynamics and balance and sweeping lines are truly contemporary.

They have soul. They have passion. They have a bold spirituality that invites us all to discover our own personal destiny and all the wonders and miracles that come with it.

Angel of God - Dedicated to all the true angels of the world, people who see the pain and need of others and do what they can to alleviate it.
Fiat - Dedicated to the Blessed Mother and to all mothers who offer up their child to the world in the hope that they might make it a more beautiful place.
Into Thy Hands - Capturing that moment between heaven and earth, hoping to inspire us to create God's Kingdom here and now through our own daily choices toward goodness.
Prayer of St. Francis - Honoring a man who's life inspires us to find our own peace and healing by bringing peace and healing to others.
Prayer - Created to honor the great cultures of the Native American peoples and their desire to find balance and oneness with God's Creation.
Icarus - Honoring all people who have dreams and risk so much in their quests to fulfill them.
A Channel of Your Peace - Dedicated to the children of the world in the hopes that their future may be one of peace and opportunity.
The Eucharist - Symbolizing the incredible power of Christ's choice toward the Cross, the giving up of Himself to the will of His Father so that all people might find Paradise.
St. Michael the Archangel - Hoping to inspire us to be aware of the cruelty and evil around us and, as St. Michael did, find our inner strength to fight it.
St. Vincent De Paul - In remembrance of St. Vincent who dedicated his life to aid the helpless, the sick and the poor. And who has inspired so many throughout the ages to do the same.